Words and Mjusic by Bubba Chambers 



If I could just be like you. 

Walking just the way you do. 

Never lie, always tell the truth. 

Then I would be just like you. 


Never walked inside your shoes. Never felt the pain. 

Never heard those hisses and boos. Don’t understand the shame. 


Never had a cross across my back. Never took the blame.  

Never suffered, never had no lack. Don’t comprehend my gain.  


No more faking, no more lies. No more alibis. 

You were there to hear me when I called. 

You’ll be there to catch me when I fall.  


Got one more bridge to cross. Not gonna turn back now.  

I’m looking back and counting all things loss,  

your voice the sweetest sound.  


You cradle me in your arms so tight. I never felt such love.  

I couldn’t leave you cause it wouldn’t be right.  

My help comes from above.  



Musician Credits: 

Nolan Burke: Electric Guitar 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion 

George Matranga: Keyboard, Organ, Backing Vocals 

Don Pope: Sax 

Rick Thigpen: Bass 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers         



Too many gone, song after song, don’t know what went wrong with my radio.  

Melodies sweet, harmonies repeat, two and four time beat, playing soft and low.  

A measure of time saw the gifted disappear, a legacy of songs is all that’s left.  

A bottle or a pill masking heartache, masking fear,  

treating us to more untimely death.  

Their ships keep coming in with the money and the means 

to live a life of unrequited fame. 

But boats don’t float forever, and men can’t live on dreams.  

Now all that’s left is vinyl notes and names.  

Hard living seeks a harbor where the mooring is secure -  

a place where no demands are known but peace.  

Redemption seeks a drowning man and drags him to the shore,  

each and everyone He longs to reach.  

Mercy drops are falling, but the shield of self is hard, few penetrate  

the hearts of hardened men. 

They cry, they die rejecting love that only seeks to heal,  

the One who was rejected by His own.  

Music’s been through hard times but the hardest of them all is watching  

men give up and die in vain.  

Though constantly reminded of the grace they ever shunned,  

the life they lived only brought them pain.  



Musician Credits: 

Robert Ashley: Electric Guitar 

Nolan Burke: Ukelele, Dobro 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Drum, Percussion 

David Craig: Upright Bass 

George Matranga: Organ, Backing Vocals 

Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals 

Cameron Parsons: Pedal Steel Guitar 

Ellen Story: Fiddle 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 


I dreamed I walked out in the night, 

So dark I could not see the light. 

The world was just a shadow standing still. 

Darkness like an enemy, engulfed my soul in agony. 

I froze, my knees fell helpless to the floor. 

Then as I looked with all my might. 

A shaft of hot white holy light shot through my soul 

and stood me to my feet.  

And there you stood in front of me, in undiminished deity, 

as dead, my mouth unable now to speak.  

In my dreams, you came to me.    

When you came to me, in my dreams.     

Then I awoke and found myself beside my bed and soaking wet, 

drenched in the misery of wasted years. 

Now not alone as you were there, just waiting for my uttered prayer 

I spoke, you answered, everything had changed.  

With coals of fire you touched my mouth, 

releasing me from fear and doubt. 

The things that mattered most were fading fast.  

And then your life came into me. 

My soul awoke, how can it be. 

You saved me from myself, I’ve been set free.   

How could I have been so blind 

to think I was not always on your mind. 

Deceived that you loved others but not me. 

Oh, thank you Father, now I truly see.  

It’s no dream, that you came to me. 

When you came to me, in my dreams. 


Musician Credits:  

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion] 

Will McFarlane: Electric Guitars/Slide Guitar 

George Matranga: Keyboard, Synthesizer, Strings, Backing Vocals 

Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals 

Rick Thigpen: Bass 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 


Excuses dwell where pleasure hides, crouching at the door.  

A careless thought, an awful deed, play tricks with my desire. 

Justifyin’ lyin’ words can calm a guilty mind.  

But no amount of mental play can justify the crime.  


Just one drop is all I need, there’s pity in Your veins. 

You bleed mercy, pardon, grace, you make the vilest clean.  

Left alone I’ll do the worst, a conscience dull and scarred.  

In vain I try to do what’s right but helpless I remain.  

A fiery passion rules the day, it sucks the spirit dry.  

Redemption’s pool, my only hope, I plumb the depths and cry.  


Runnin’ never fixes shame, it just prolongs the game. 

Come out of your hiding place, He knows your heart, He knows your ways.  

Arms reach in to waters red, lift me to the bank. 

I see the wounds, the bleeding side,  I touch the thorny head.  

In silence now, He reads my thoughts, reveals a thin disguise.  

With chastened mind I yield to grace, bought at the greatest price.  



Musician Credits:  

Nolan Burke: Electric Guitar 

L.P. Butler: Trumpet/Fluegelhorn 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion 

George Matranga, Keyboard/Organ 

Feat. Destiny Rael: Backing Vocals 

Rick Thigpen: Bass 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 



Love came down. 

Love came down. 

Love came down on me.  

Gethsemane, your agony. Where sweat became like blood. 

You prayed if there be another way, yet not my will but yours. 

Oh, God, please help me now. 

The blood that flowed from your mercy seat, 

When the cruel spikes were nailed.  

The love that held me in your heart, when my soul beyond repair. 

You came then and there.  


They took you down, the stone was set.  

All hope of life was past.  

Finality entombed in thee.  

But wait — death had its day.  

The stone’s been rolled away... 



Musician Credits: 

Feat. Lisa Brady: Backing Vocals 

Bubba ChambersL Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion 

David Huff: Electric Guitars 

George Matranga: Organ, Strings, Backing Vocals 

Rick Thigpen: Bass, Backing Vocals 

Chad Ware: Electric Guitars 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 


Why can’t I see things that you see when we look deep down inside of me? 

Why can’t I be what I should be? How I hate my own hypocrisy.  


But that voice that I hear is so strong and so clear  

and He’s tenderly calling to me. 

Things I know in my head, thoughts I’ve lived and I’ve said, 

oh, please make me the man I should be.  

Why can’t I walk, like my mouth talks, only thinkin’ ‘bout what others see? 

Who do I think that I’m foolin’? I’m not foolin’ anyone but me.  


When I break out of my old grave clothes,  

looking like something you’ve never seen. 

Rising high up with the angels, then I’ll understand this mystery.  



Musician Credits: 

Bubba Chambers: Lead.Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Percussion 

David Huff: Electric Guitars 

George Matranga: Keyboard, Strings 

Don Pope: Sax 

Rick Thigpen: Bass, Fretless Bass 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 


Nicodemus, enigmatic plight found you searching into the night. 

Much religion can’t help you do what’s right. 

How you gonna make amends? 

Problematic is your state of mind, when you found him,  

what’d you think you’d find? 

Desperation, you’re running out of time. 

He’s more than just a man.  


Every man’s gotta be born again. 

Every man’s gotta wash away his sins. 

Every man’s gotta make the Lord his friend. 

It happens when you’re born again.  

Confused and lost you just can’t comprehend -  

how to be born as a full grown man. 

It’s not the flesh but the Spirit, don’t you understand? 

It’s a purely supernatural thing.  

The wind is blowing, but you don’t know where.  

You can hear it, still you cannot tell. 

It’s like the Spirit who comes to dwell 

in everyone who’s born again.  


And when the Spirit blows your way 

you better not turn Him away, no no... 

Audacious question by the Pharisees, can a prophet come out of Galilee? 

Why don’t you step back, why don’t you wait and see? 

You’re closer than you’ve ever been... 


We found you later, at the Garden tomb, you brought the spices,  

you brought the sweet perfume.  

With loving kindness you prepared His room 

You musta’ got born again.  



Musician Credits: 

Nolan Burke: Guitars, Dobro 

Bubba Chambers: Lead Vocals, drums, Percussion 

David Craig: Upright Bass 

George Matranga: Keyboards 

Fletch Wiley: Flute 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers 


Well they said I’d done gone crazy. Think I might have lost my mind.  

Gave me two weeks to get normal. Said I’d go down without a fight.  

But they don’t know ‘bout the power of the crucified Lamb.  

And they don’t know the One who took me just as I am.  


I was a prisoner of my own choosing, locked away and wholly lost.  

Then hands reached down and pulled me out. 

Took me through the blood and the Pentecost 

Fighting hard to keep my freedom, craving all that pleasure brings.  

Holding on to indiscretion. Just busy doing my own thing. 

Then He struck with blows of mercy and my heart He drew with grace. 

In compassion now my life He bound, I never had a chance.  


When you’re struck by something that pierces your soul 

better stop fighting, better come in the fold.  

Many years have come and gone now, since I lost my worldly mind. 

Thinking thoughts completely different, filled with peace, no need to fight.  

‘Cause I found out about the power of the crucified Lamb 

and I’m thankful that he took me just as I am.  



Musician Credits: 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion 

George Matranga: Organ, Backing Vocals 

Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals 

Glenn Sharp: Piano 

Rick Thigpen: Bass 

Chad Ware: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar 



Words and Music by Bubba Chambers  (Taken from Proverbs 5-7) 


It was a little past midnight when she came outside and she flatters 

every boy she meets. Her lips drip honey and her eyes entice,  

with every move she’s closer to him. Her passion never rests, 

she destroys the best, irresistible as you can see. Just know when you go 

that her way is low and death is what it’s gonna be... 

She came with brazen face and dressed in lace, she’s a woman 

with a cunning heart. She looks so nice, her bed smells of spice,  

with one touch he’s ready to start. But she’s moving slow, she knows  

the way it goes. She knows exactly what he’s after. As she stalks his life  

and cuts him like a knife, he’s blind to the approaching disaster.  

You fool. Don’t listen to her words. Remember things your Mama said,  

don’t think her ways absurd. You fool. Don’t travel by her door.  

Better men have fallen there, they’ve fallen by the score.  

But like an ox to the slaughter, a bird to the snare, a dog with full appetite. 

He’s long on lust and short on brains, now he can’t even put up fight.  

And just when he thinks he’s in the driver’s seat, another piece of his life  

slips away. But it’s too late now and he don’t know how  

to escape this life he’s made. 

Don’t think her ways pretty, don’t think her ways nice  

and it won’t require payment at all. When you wake next day 

there’s hell to pay and the paymaster won’t be stalled.  

He comes with a vengeance and a bill in his hand and he won’t 

be turned away. And when the sacrifice turns out to be your life 

you would beg to hear the Father say... 

There’s a moral to the story you can plainly see but the lesson isn’t 

always learned. You take fire in your bosom and you ruin you life,  

but you tell yourself you can’t be burned. Well there’s only One who’s ever 

overcome but you refuse His every call. You lack good sense,  

her life’s the evidence, thinking you was above the law.  

You fool. Don’t listen to her words. Remember things your Papa said,  

don’t think his ways absurd. You fool. Don’t travel by her door.  

Better men have fallen there, they’ve fallen by the score. 


Musician Credits: 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Percussion 

George Matranga: Overture, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals 

Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals 

Will MdFarlane: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar 

Rick Thigpen: Bass 



Words and Music by Lisa Brady 



Put a robe on his back 

Put a ring on his hand 

Go and kill the fatted calf 

Said my father as he ran  

He kissed my face and he said 

Put some shoes on his feet 

For my son has come home to me. 

Have you wasted your life away 

On things of this world? 

Are you tired of trying to do it on your own? 

Well, the Father, He says, Here I am 

I’m waiting here for you 

Put an end to all your pain and come on home 


If you had a dime for every time you packed up and ran 

Trying to find the peace your soul is searching for 

Well, you might be rich but surprised to find  

He offers it for free 

Jesus did it all for you 

So come on home 



Musician Credits: 

Robert Ashley, Acoustic Guitar 

Feat. Lisa Brady: Lead/Backing Vocals 

Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Drums 

George Matranga: Backing Vocals, Organ 

Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals 

Jeff Nelson: Grand Piano 

Ellen Story, Violin 

Rick Thigpen: Bass, Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals 

Feat: The GTB Choir