New Single Release 11/2022: "Nothin' But Time"

featuring Tammy Ware

Hi friends! Forty years elapsed between my last album with The Hope and my first solo project in 2020 - The Man I Should Be. I guess that's what they call a dry spell!

A song is usually birthed within the writer well before it feels the scratch of pen against paper. That's been true for me, anyway. There was so much I wanted to convey but throughout the traveling years, the songwriting craft itself eluded me. Maybe the material just needed time to season. Eventually though, the words and melodies married in my thoughts and I began to write from a place of conviction, study, desire, pain, victory, defeat and finally - hope. 

I hope you enjoy my new single - "Nothin' But Time". I've been graced by the contributions of stellar musicians on this project, including Tammy Ware, whose vocals are featured on the song. 



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