They're Singing Our Song...


I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas; and I'd like to share a little poem I wrote back in 2013.  (This is a FB teaching from a few years ago.)

I used to really get annoyed with Christmas because of all the commercialism, with little focus on the central theme of the season, which is, of course, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was kind of a Humbugger!  

Then, a few years ago, while listening to a message by Chuck Swindoll, I was reminded that this is the only time of the year when the world is actually singing our songs -- and that I should rejoice that the birth of the King of the universe was being heralded throughout the world. I immediately repented of my wrong and changed my attitude. He was exactly right!!  

I hope this poem will bring a bit of joy to your holidays. I've shared it with a few, but would now share it with the many~  

Jesus is born!!  

Merry Christmas everbody! 




Tender moment, no fanfare, 

lowly stable, dark 

Attendant beasts of burden, 

silently adore 

Swollen, heavy with 

precious flesh, 

outside creation’s purview 

She delivers 


Mystical star, plenary sky 

looks over “House of Bread.” 

To lordly ones, obscure; 

only the humble observe 

Bard and wise man, 

seeker of kings, 

worthy gifts laid before Him 

who owns all things 

Tiny man in swaddling cloth, 

shroud of death he wears 

Regal robes now laid aside, 

once fashioned for the Holy 

Blessed Madonna, barren stall, 

Star in retrograde 

Shepherds watch, contented flocks 

History, forever altered 

©2013 Bubba Chambers

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