1. Radio

From the recording The Man I Should Be

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Robert Ashley: Electric Guitar
Nolan Burke: Ukelele, Dobro
Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion
David Craig: Upright Bass
George Matranga: Organ, Backing Vocals
Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals
Cameron Parsons: Pedal Steel Guitar
Ellen Story: Fiddle


Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

Too many gone, song after song, don’t know what went wrong with my radio. 
Melodies sweet, harmonies repeat, two and four time beat, playing soft and low. 

A measure of time saw the gifted disappear, a legacy of songs is all that’s left. 
A bottle or a pill masking heartache, masking fear,
treating us to more untimely death. 

Their ships keep coming in with the money and the means
to live a life of unrequited fame.
But boats don’t float forever, and men can’t live on dreams. 
Now all that’s left is vinyl notes and names. 

Hard living seeks a harbor where the mooring is secure -
a place where no demands are known but peace. 
Redemption seeks a drowning man and drags him to the shore, 
each and everyone He longs to reach. 

Mercy drops are falling, but the shield of self is hard, few penetrate 
the hearts of hardened men.
They cry, they die rejecting love that only seeks to heal, 
the One who was rejected by His own. 

Music’s been through hard times but the hardest of them all is watching 
men give up and die in vain. 
Though constantly reminded of the grace they ever shunned, 
the life they lived only brought them pain.