1. In My Dreams

From the recording The Man I Should Be

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In My Dreams

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Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drums, Percussion]
Will McFarlane: Electric Guitars/Slide Guitar
George Matranga: Keyboard, Synthesizer, Strings, Backing Vocals
Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals
Rick Thigpen: Bass


Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

I dreamed I walked out in the night,
So dark I could not see the light.
The world was just a shadow standing still.
Darkness like an enemy, engulfed my soul in agony.
I froze, my knees fell helpless to the floor.
Then as I looked with all my might.
A shaft of hot white holy light shot through my soul
and stood me to my feet. 
And there you stood in front of me, in undiminished deity,
as dead, my mouth unable now to speak. 

In my dreams, you came to me.   
When you came to me, in my dreams.    

Then I awoke and found myself beside my bed and soaking wet,
drenched in the misery of wasted years.
Now not alone as you were there, just waiting for my uttered prayer
I spoke, you answered, everything had changed. 
With coals of fire you touched my mouth,
releasing me from fear and doubt.
The things that mattered most were fading fast. 
And then your life came into me.
My soul awoke, how can it be.
You saved me from myself, I’ve been set free.  
How could I have been so blind
to think I was not always on your mind.
Deceived that you loved others but not me.
Oh, thank you Father, now I truly see. 

It’s no dream, that you came to me.
When you came to me, in my dreams.