1. Just One Drop

From the recording The Man I Should Be

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Just One Drop

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Lisa Brady: Backing Vocals
Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion
David Huff: Electric Guitars
George Matranga: Organ, Strings, Backing Vocals
Rick Thigpen: Bass, Backing Vocals
Chad Ware: Electric Guitars


Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

Excuses dwell where pleasure hides, crouching at the door. 
A careless thought, an awful deed, play tricks with my desire.
Justifyin’ lyin’ words can calm a guilty mind. 
But no amount of mental play can justify the crime. 

Just one drop is all I need, there’s pity in your veins.
You bleed mercy, pardon, grace, you make the vilest clean. 

Left alone I’ll do the worst, a conscience dull and scarred. 
In vain I try to do what’s right but helpless I remain. 
A fiery passion rules the day, it sucks the spirit dry. 
Redemption’s pool, my only hope, I plumb the depths and cry. 


Runnin’ never fixes shame, it just prolongs the game.
Come out of your hiding place, He knows your heart, He knows your ways. 

Arms reach in to waters red, lift me to the bank.
I see the wounds, the bleeding side, I touch the thorny head. 
In silence now, He reads my thoughts, reveals a thin disguise. 
With chastened mind I yield to grace, bought at the greatest price. 


Nolan Burke: Electric Guitar
L.P. Butler: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion
George Matranga, Keyboard/Organ
Feat. Destiny Rael: Backing Vocals
Rick Thigpen: Bass

Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

Love came down.
Love came down.
Love came down on me. 

Gethsemane, your agony. Where sweat became like blood.
You prayed if there be another way, yet not my will but yours.
Oh, God, please help me now.

The blood that flowed from your mercy seat,
When the cruel spikes were nailed. 
The love that held me in your heart, when my soul beyond repair.
You came then and there. 


They took you down, the stone was set. 
All hope of life was past. 
Finality entombed in Thee. 
But wait — death had its day. 
The stone’s been rolled away...