1. Nicodemus

From the recording The Man I Should Be

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Nolan Burke: Guitars, Dobro
Bubba Chambers: Lead Vocals, drums, Percussion
David Craig: Upright Bass
George Matranga: Keyboards
Fletch Wiley: Flute


Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

Nicodemus, enigmatic plight found you searching into the night.
Much religion can’t help you do what’s right.
How you gonna make amends?

Problematic is your state of mind, when you found Him,
what’d you think you’d find?
Desperation, you’re running out of time.
He’s more than just a man. 

Every man’s gotta be born again.
Every man’s gotta wash away his sins.
Every man’s gotta make the Lord his friend.
It happens when you’re born again. 

Confused and lost you just can’t comprehend -
how to be born as a full grown man.
It’s not the flesh but the Spirit, don’t you understand?
It’s a purely supernatural thing. 

The wind is blowing, but you don’t know where.
You can hear it, still you cannot tell.
It’s like the Spirit who comes to dwell
in everyone who’s born again. 


And when the Spirit blows your way
you better not turn Him away, no no...

Audacious question by the Pharisees,
can a prophet come out of Galilee?
Why don’t you step back, why don’t you wait and see?
You’re closer than you’ve ever been...
We found you later, at the Garden tomb,
you brought the spices, you brought the sweet perfume. 
With lovingkindness you prepared His room
You musta’ got born again.