From the recording The Man I Should Be

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The Blood And The Pentecost

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Bubba Chambers: Lead/Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion
George Matranga: Organ, Backing Vocals
Tammie Matranga: Backing Vocals
Glenn Sharp: Piano
Rick Thigpen: Bass
Chad Ware: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar


Words & Music by Bubba Chambers

Well they said I’d done gone crazy. Think I might have lost my mind. 
Gave me two weeks to get normal. Said I’d go down without a fight. 
But they don’t know ‘bout the power of the crucified Lamb. 
And they don’t know the One who took me just as I am. 

I was a prisoner of my own choosing, locked away and wholly lost. 
Then hands reached down and pulled me out.
Took me through the blood and the Pentecost

Fighting hard to keep my freedom, craving all that pleasure brings. 
Holding on to indiscretion. Just busy doing my own thing.
Then He struck with blows of mercy and my heart He drew with grace.
In compassion now my life He bound, I never had a chance. 


When you’re struck by something that pierces your soul
better stop fighting, better come in the fold. 

Many years have come and gone now, since I lost my worldly mind.
Thinking thoughts completely different, filled with peace, no need to fight. 
‘Cause I found out about the power of the crucified Lamb
and I’m thankful that He took me just as I am.